The Bosch fuel injection pump is one of the greatest gifts Mercedes gave the older Mercedes models.

It is very robust very tuneable and if built correctly a very long lasting part of the vehicle. These pumps when rebuild with larger internals are very valuable and have an excellent resale value.

This is the key element (no pun) to increasing the engines power and fuel efficiency.

  1. Sock mechanical elements are bosch 5.5mm max 175bhp
  2. Stock electronic elements are bosch 6.0mm max 280bhp (can be installed into mechanical pump) £30 per element
  3. Bosch 7mm elements special order give max 350bhp £40 per element
  4. Custom 8mm elements very high quality £80 per element max 500bhp
  5. Custom 8.5mm elements very high quality £85 per element over 500bhp

These elements can be installed into a supplied fuel pump for £500 outside alda (no smoke off boost device) is fitted on bigger pump builds.

Pic below left shows 8.5mm plunger vs 5.5mm above.

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