Here at Dieselpumpuk we have carried out many OM606/605 conversions on a variety of makes and models of vehicles. We are world leaders in the field and regularly complete G Wagon and Land Rover based vehicles with American and many more also undertaken.


With our conversions unlike anyone else in this industry we are one stop shop. From the custom injector pumps to Tig welding fabrication this is all carried out in house . We also produce lots of parts which are no longer available from Mercedes like the G Wagon specific sumps to make our conversions just that bit more professional.

We generally have an example or an in progress build in the workshop to show quality levels or have lots of happy customers who would be willing to provide testimonial or all you to view previous jobs we have done in the past.

Like any professional vehicle building company, we have always dyno tuned our builds before and after to ensure the set up is working correctly and the customer and ourselves are satisfied with what we are providing. In 2017 we purchased our own in house dyno to save on production time and customer costs. This has accelerated our development skills significantly.  Many vehicles will have over 100 dyno tuning runs/pulls to get the setup exactly how we want it. These facilities are also available for customers carrying out their own builds using Dieselpumpuk products.

My own personal build, 1968 Dodge Charger converted to OM606, has won every show it has been taken to and has received multiple write ups in car magazines along with other customer builds.

Our conversions are specifically designed towards the customers needs and requirements which makes each one unique. Although we love a bit of black smoke this can be tuned down to pass emission regulations if needed.

For more details on this and prices please contact us directly so we can provide you with a detailed quotation and our recommendations for your personal setup.


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