OM606 / OM603 Custom Injector Pumps

£795.00£1,445.00 ex. VAT

Built in house at Dieselpumpuk, High Performance, Custom Built Injector Pumps that carry a LifeTime Warranty.

Please see detailed description below for all options available.

*Buy our Billet Anti-Jerk System at the same time and save 50%*



The heart of any mechanical diesel engine is the Injector Pump, this controls the fuel volume, fuel consumption and rpm limits. Our custom pumps have been developed using countless hours of dyno testing combined with vehicle usage, we invented the Anti-Jerk system also based on experience from our vehicle builds.

External Alda is fitted on all injector pumps to reduce smoke and exhaust temperature levels off boost.

A standard OM603, 602, 601 or om606, 605, 604 pre 1996 mechanical pump is required as a core or you can add one to your order for an additional charge of £350.

  • Up to 275bhp 90-130cc 6mm elements full rebuild, gaskets and bio seals, no outside alda required.
  • Up to 400bhp 130-180cc 7.7mm elements full rebuild, gaskets and bio seals including outside alda.
  • Up to and over 500bhp 170cc+ 8.5mm elements full rebuild, custom higher rpm limit, gaskets and bio seals including outside alda and modified governor rpm curve.

The largest pump in our line up is a little special……….

…….The 8.5mm, our 500bhp+ option, is a tried and tested German element design that gives homage to the original “Superfloyd” design. After building pumps for a number of years we received contact from the original designer of the legendary 8.5mm superfloyd asking us to reproduce the design using our high quality standards. We took this as a rather large compliment and accepted the challenge. The design is hard to reproduce hence why others have not tried to copy this in the past and the installation is not straightforward due to the sheer size of the plunger. The results however speak for themselves with excellent drivability at lower throttle positions and massive power making capability even with low fuel input pressure thanks to their oval entry port not found in any other designs on the market. This makes it possible to use these pumps in 200bhp builds as easily as 700bhp monsters and retain incredible MPG figures thanks to shorter injector duration.

We proudly present to you the Hollyfloyd 8.5mm injector pumps built and manufactured in house by DieselPumpUK.

*Buy our Billet Anti-Jerk System at the same time and save 50%*

Please Note: An additional £350 must be added in the event that you cannot supply us with a Core Mechanical Injector Pump.

Delivery in the UK. Overseas postage on Request. 

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 30 cm
Pump Type

275bhp, 400 bhp, 500+ bhp

Core Exchange


Billet Anti-Jerk


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