OUTBOARD Conversion Brackets

These custom products are produced In-house at DPUK and are high-quality TIG Welded 5083 Marine Grade Aluminium to suit the customers outboard requirement. Contact Us at DPUK Marine Fabrication to discuss.



  • In house tig welded 5083 marine grade aluminium to suit the customers outboard requirement.

  • Huge weight savings – 2 x 150bhp inboard engines removed with total combined weight of 850kg. Replaced by 1 x transom bracket (112kg) and 1 x 300bhp (235kg) outboard with a combined weight of 347kg. Total weight reduction of 503kg!!

(image test results shown 25 foot cabin boat with 2600kg weight, 47mph top speed and 2.6mpg average)

  • Additional Buoyancy – The 112kg bracket as shown gives an additional buoyancy of 500kg if fully displaced. This is a separate sealed container so will also act as a buoyancy aid in case of an emergency.

  • Engine Accessibility – The complete power plant can be removed from the vessel in under 10 minutes without disturbing any internal compartments in the event of the engine needing to be repaired or replaced.

  • Performance & Economy – Using a stand-off bracket allows the propeller to run clean in un-turbulent water as it is set back from the transom. This equates to better steering and acceleration.

The weight reduction gained by removing the heavy original engine and drives gives a large increase in economy. As the boat is running in clean and un-turbulent water and the fact that the centre of gravity has been moved towards the rear equates to less wetted area while on the plane.

  • Solid Diving/Bathing Platform – The transom allows you to get on and off the boat from the water with ease, whilst giving a very strong loading area.

  • Additional storage space – Moving the engine outside the vessel allows greater storage space

DPUK MARINE Outboard Conversion Brackets

  • Internal Support Structure – Along with the external modifications we also offer internal reinforcement for the vessels transom. This counteracts the leverage effect by placing mounting points in a further forward location. It is also an attractive feature and a good solid mounting surface for other hardware.

  • Design Options – The bracket can be left in plain aluminium, powder coated or 2K painted with anodes provided, optional eyelets and brackets can be added.
DPUK MARINE Outboard Conversion Brackets
DPUK MARINE Outboard Conversion Brackets


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