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G Wagen Conversions

G Wagen Turbo Diesel

Due to the wave of G Wagen interest we have generated we would like to describe some of the options available.

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G Wagen 722.6 5-Speed Auto Conversion

In conjunction with the powerful om606/605 conversions we carry out, we also offer the retrofitment of the sophisticated 722.6 transmission. This has many added benefits over the standard autos and manuals alike, here are a few below;

  • 5th gear overdrive– this allows for excellent motorway cruising. For example if your vehicle is currently  4500rpms @ 80mph this will now become 3500rpms @ 80mph.
  • Selectable lockable torque converter– this improves mpg and towing capabilities greatly. Also under bonnet temperatures are reduced by the lower gearbox working temperatures. This function allows manual like gear holds for extended towing or racing periods.
  • With the gearbox shifts being controlled by a standalone electronic controller everything is variable and can be tailored to a customers exact needs. This gearbox conversion is perfectly suited to a mild 200bhp conversion or 500bhp wild setup.

G Wagen Engine Conversions

We can offer om606 (6cyl) and om605 (5cyl) turbodiesel conversions for G Wagen owners. These can be from mild to wild. All of our engine builds have dieselmeken injector pumps which would be spec’d to the customers power requirements. These excellent pumps carry a lifetime warranty with dieselmeken ab sweden!

G Wagen Engine
G Wagen Engine

G Wagen Pumps

We offer pumps in two different formats

  • 7.5mm + alda this style of injector pump greatly surpasses many others tested on the market for its gentle smooth idle, excellent fuel consumption and future proof power abilities. 200-500bhp
  • 8.0mm + alda this is recommended as a serious performance pump and can fuel a serious power build recommended for large turbo users! 500bhp ++++

ALDA, is a device used to control fuelling relative to boost. On any high quality fuel pump it is a must have.

For example if a 7.5mm pump was set to 140cc max fuel, full throttle off boost would seriously overfuel the engine and cause damage. So the alda system holds fuelling back to 40cc until boost is achieved. This can allow a big cc pump that is engine friendly.

Be aware; any pump producing more than 50cc without alda is not advised as excessive fuel (black smoke) will be reducing the engines lifespan.

Claims of pumps producing 50cc of fuel or more with no alda system with no smoke or detrimental effects should be taken at your own risk. We have learned this through experience …

G Wagen Exhaust systems

We can happily build bespoke stainless steel exhaust systems and turbo-manifolds.
For most of our builds 200bhp+ we recommend a free flowing 3inch stainless system.
This reduces harmful engine back-pressure and keeps engine and turbocharger exhaust gas temperatures down (harmful to your engine).
Also the systems we build are generally pleasing to the eye.

G Wagen Exhaust
G Wagen Exhaust

G Wagen Manifolds

These are built depending on turbo specs again from mild to wild!

G Wagen Turbo
G Wagen TurboG Wagen Turbo